does it make me a bad person..



.. if i actually think it’s WELL DESERVED when a woman suffers complications due to an abortion?

sorry, zero pity will be coming from me.

i do not care that you are hurting/injured/ill as a result of the procedure..

you are a murderer.


Yep. Bad person.

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    If a woman wants an abortion it’s her choice, women should have control over their bodies, it’s their life, so fuck you....
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    If you have to ask, you already know that you are a terrible person with even worse karma. So yeah
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    It makes you a vile, compassionless excuse for a human being. Why is there so much of this small minded bullshit all...
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    “personally, I think abortion is murder to some degree. if you get pregnant while in a relationship because you didn’t...
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    Yep. You’re human garbage with the empathy of a cinderblock. You’re not pro-life because you LUVS THE BABIEZ, you’re...
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    ^ Hey, OP.
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    I think the reaction is more aimed at the fact that this person apparently wouldn’t care for the safety or well-being of...
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    …Uh? OP, sometimes women have to get abortions because it’s my understanding that childbirth can actually kill you under...
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    I’m sorry, but watching everyone gang up on this person is really bothering me. seriously guys, grow up. you are not a...
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    Hey, OP.
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    Hey OP
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    Row V. Wade reduced the crime pandemic in the states drastically. Fewer people born into situations that produce...
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    Dear judgmental ass un-Christ-like Christians- What part of judge not lest ye be judged is too complicated for you to...
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    More proof pro-lifers only care for the fucking fetuses. Once you’re out of the womb and, you know, an actual human...
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    does it make me a bad person.. Yes. Next.
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